As the most critical enabler of our strategy, our people are central to effective organisational transformation, improved performance and accelerated growth. The transformation of how we manage our people, underpinned by our culture journey, will ensure that we grow into ‘One Imperial’, with the right talent to build it, the right leadership to guide it and the right organisational architecture to support it.

Our People proposition

With an enabling collaborative culture, ‘One Imperial’ thinking and a clearly articulated employee value proposition, we aim to strengthen our employer of choice brand in all our markets.

Flattening our structures, empowering employees to make decisions and be responsive, providing exciting career paths for our people with an attractive employee value proposition are just some of our initiatives to create a culture in which people are inspired to service our clients, principals and customers and create positive change in the economies in which we operate.

Our people

Our people strategy has been revised to support our operational and strategic transformation and enhance our ability to attract and retain the best talent and skills. Key outcomes will be progress on the ‘One Imperial’ culture journey, a consistent ‘One Imperial’ employee experience, the ability to place the right talent in the right places in the right jobs and the development of an organisation development practice.

A key aspect of the people strategy is to transform the People and Culture function from a focus on transactional HR services to the delivery of strategic transformational HR services that support business growth. We will measure the success of our people strategy using employee turnover, internal and external employee value proposition measures and employee engagement.

Pillars of our
people strategy

Performance and talent management

Supporting business performance by providing an integrated framework that aligns business strategy with team and individual goals and performance outcomes.

Leadership and learning

Supporting employee productivity by ensuring employees have the right skills and capabilities, leveraging a pool of future fit talent to execute on business processes.

Diversity and inclusion

Driving a diverse and inclusive workforce, particularly in the talent pipeline, to unlock the value of inclusive interactions, and diversity of world view and industry experience.

Organisational effectiveness

Enabling the business to operate in a simple and collaborative manner, through systematic organisation development including organisation design, effectiveness and change management.


Enabling a ‘One Imperial’ culture with a shared purpose and set of values, connecting employees with each other and the communities in which we operate, and which embraces the richness of our diverse subcultures.

Enablers of the strategy

Accessible HR information and systems

Line manager

Business leader

Standardisation of key HR policies and processes