Imperial Road Safety - Making this festive season safer

10 December 2015

As part of Imperial Road Safety’s support in raising awareness and contributing to initiatives that encourage road safety. Imperial Road Safety announce its commitment to the partnership between Bakwena N1/N4 Toll Road the N3 Toll concession (N3TC). With the objective being a solid focus on addressing road safety along these routes, during this festive season.

“As leaders in mobility it is our responsibility to encourage road safety and ensure that we are taking the lead in doing so. This project, we believe, does just this and of course, there is no better way to drive road safety than to create key opportunities at a time where road crashes are at their highest – the need is large,” says Niki Cronje, Group Marketing at Imperial.

Imperial Road Safety and Imperial’s car rental division, through Europcar, have handed over four vehicles to Bakwena and fifteen patrol Emergency Medical Rescue Service (EMRS) vehicles to N3TC. This being the fourth year vehicles have been sponsored by Imperial’s Europcar, aims at increasing route surveillance, patrol support and post-crash care during the busy holiday season. These vehicles will be used from the 10 December 2015 – 5 January 2016.

“There is no doubt that visible policing of our roads influences consumers to be more cautious and to ensure they practice safer road usage and as such, the support from Imperial Road Safety during such busy seasons is fundamental to aiding us in servicing the needs of road users and ensuring safer roads for all,” says Charmaine Van Wyk, PR Officer for Bakwena. “In fact, in April this year, the Bakwena route saw 4 less crashes than the previous year & zero fatalities over the Easter period, with the N3 route decreasing the number of fatalities from 3 the previous year, to zero – evidence of the influence of additional road patrol vehicles and the importance of support such as this from corporate South Africa.”

Bakwena have a good working relationship with the Traffic Authorities along the N1/N4 route, who will also be carrying out regular road checks along these roads.

Out of the fifteen vehicles allocated to N3TC by the Imperial Road Safety initiative, two of these will be used to provide medical assistance on the N3 Toll Route and one vehicle for the N3TC Duduza ‘We Care’ Initiative.

“These vehicles will be used to improve response times and patient care, in the unfortunate instance that there is a crash along the Route – a service that is most welcomed and will go a long way in demonstrating solid route support,”

states Con Roux, Commercial Manager of N3TC.

Imperial has previously shown complete commitment and dedication to assisting N3TC in making the N3 Toll Route safer over this time and we look forward to another strong road safety campaign this year.”

“We are committed to improving road safety and supporting the larger Imperial brand in achieving this. Therefore, we are proud to, yet again, form a key pillar of this project and trust that we will make a sound difference through our involvement. As a leader in the vehicle rental space, we understand the importance of contributing to the safety of South African citizens on our roads and believe that this vehicle sponsorship is certainly one way in which we are creating safer roads this holiday season,” states Corne Venter, CEO of Imperial Car Rental Division.

Imperial Road Safety warns of expected road-blocks along the N3 Toll Route and main arterial routes leading to the N3.

The consumption of alcohol and/or drugs greatly influences the chance of crashing. Alcohol, being a depressant, slows down the function of the nervous system and affects the way our brains process information. This has a detrimental effect on hand-eye coordination and reaction times. As well as reducing our ability to concentrate and comprehend new information. Drugs can have also have the same, if not worse of an effect on driving ability. This is a major focus of the Imperial Road Safety initiative.

The N3TC has implemented a narcotics testing facility along its route, aimed at identifying drivers who are driving under the influence of illegal substances. This testing is critical to manage road safety effectively.

“Whether ensuring road safety through scholar patrol, pedestrian visibility, or encouraging people to buckle up their children, Imperial Road Safety is committed to changing people’s perceptions around being responsible road users and as such, this project is an extension of our broad and focused commitment to road safety for all. We look forward to a safer and more aware holiday period and wish all road users safe travels this festive season,” concludes Cronje.

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