Palletways Italia goes Green

8 November 2018

Imperial Logistics group company, Palletways Italia has introduced the network’s first electric trucks which will deliver to the limited traffic zone in Bologna. The area is designed to reduce congestion and pollution in the city center and only allows mopeds, buses, bicycles and electric vehicles to travel through the area.

The two new electric vehicles were introduced in February and April of this year and will be used to deliver goods to the historic city center of the northern Italian city.

The green vehicles are supplied by Electric Professional Mobility, a Pisa-based company who are leaders in the supply of commercial vehicles and urban sanitation services. Palletways’ new Nissan 3.5 ton electric trucks can travel up to 125 km with a single charge.

Rob Gittins, managing director at Palletways UK, said: “This is an important moment for the Palletways Group and it demonstrates our commitment to introducing greener transport options to the logistics sector. We pride ourselves as industry leaders in terms of innovation and I hope that in the future, we can introduce electric vehicles across all of our 20 European countries.”

Albino Quaglia, managing director of Palletways Italia added: “We have seen an increasing demand from customers delivering to addresses in Bologna’s historic city-center such as restaurants and wine bars through our Palletways Solutions service, created to manage the express delivery of small consignments. Given the restrictions on travelling in the city center we had to come up with a creative solution.”

“By using electric vehicles we can access hard to reach areas and maintain our high level of customer service whilst showing a commitment to sustainability and greener energy. This new investment brings us a step closer to environmental sustainability, which is a key issue – not only for Palletways Italia, but for the entire Palletways Group.”

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