Giving women in Africa access to family planning

2 February 2017

Imres is working in partnership with Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD), a global top 10 pharmaceutical multinational, to provide women in Africa with contraceptive products.

MSD’s traditional focus is on reproductive health. Among other items in this category, the company supplies single rod implantable contraceptives (Implanon NXT©) to large numbers of women in Africa who would otherwise have limited access to family planning commodities. Implanon NXT is often used in remote areas with little to no basic healthcare facilities. In many rural areas where the implant is distributed, there is a lack of basic medical consumables and drugs which are needed for the implant procedure, in addition to the contraceptive device.

In these cases, Imres has partnered with MSD to ensure that, for every implant supplied, there is a basic medical kit containing disinfectants, anaesthetics and the medical sundries needed to care for the patient receiving the contraceptive.

This approach leads to better implementation of the family planning programmes in the various countries. The latest example of the successful partnership between MSD and Imres is in Ethiopia.

“We are proud of this unique cooperation,” states Imres managing director Niek Zee.  “Imres, as a logistics specialist and global leader in supplying pharmaceuticals, medical commodities and kits for health programmes in developing countries, is honoured to be teaming up with a global pharmaceutical giant like MSD. Together, we are making a difference for the neediest and most vulnerable groups in Africa.”

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