As Imperial Chemical Logistics Benelux, we provide all aspects of the logistics process for the Benelux region, in our warehouse facilities; the incoming supply of goods, stock control and the outgoing supply of goods; based on your wishes. With this, we are capable of offering you the complete function of a logistics centre for your products. Aside from providing optimal care of your products we also take the burden of rules and regulations, fire safety systems and safety management systems, off your hands.

Our warehouse locations consist of compartmentalised storage where goods are specifically stored according to various danger classes. Climate controlled storage is also an option and is only a part of our wide variety of (warehouse) services. We provide optimal, efficient warehouse processes through automation and mechanical technology, like, for example, fully automatic high bay storage warehouses or sorting machines.

We provide distribution in the Benelux with our own distribution network for ADR classified goods. More than 100 vehicles leave daily, spread out across the Netherlands and Belgium, to all destinations in the Benelux and neighbouring territories in Germany and Northern France. Our drivers service farmers for their crop protection products, cleaning companies for their cleaning products or for example garages for their motor oil, on a daily basis. Based on 24 hour distribution, your consignments are always delivered first hand.

For all deliveries it is possible to monitor the status of your consignment in real-time. During each stage of the delivery the drivers use a mobile device to update the status. The driver, our back office, and you too, are therefore always on-line in real-time.


  • We provide professional warehousing services for chemical products related to the following businesses
    • crop protection
    • food & feed
    • paint
    • pharmaceuticals
    • cosmetics
    • etc.
  • We are able to store ADR goods of the following classes
    • Class 2 (flammable gas, non-flammable, non-toxic gas, toxic gas)
    • Class 3 (flammable liquid)
    • Class 4 (flammable solid, spontaneous combustible substance, substance which emits flammable gas when in contact with water)
    • Class 5 (oxidising substance, organic peroxide)
    • Class 6 (toxic substance, infectious substance)
    • Class 8 (corrosive substance)
    • Class 9 (miscellaneous dangerous substances and goods)

Our locations

Imperial Chemical Logistics BV (Netherlands)

BNL Head Quarters/warehouse: Ekkersrijt 7604, Son

Warehouse: Tussenriemer 7, Roosendaal

Warehouse: Stepvelden 12, Roosendaal

Crossdock: Eekhorstweg 30, Meppel

Crossdock: Achtseweg Noord 13, Eindhoven

Imperial Logistics BV (Netherlands):

Warehouse / International transportation / Customs: Butaanweg 7F, Rotterdam

Imperial Chemical Logistics NV (Belgium):

Warehouse / crossdock: Vantegemstraat 29, Wetteren


Client portals

European Chemical Logistics (ECL) network

At European level, ICL works along with other logistics service providers within the network of ECL (European Chemical Logistics). Besides Imperial Chemical Logistics (Benelux & Germany), ECL also consists of partners in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

ECL consists of specialists in the field of chemical warehousing and regional ADR distribution. Everything conform Seveso legislation, ISO 9001 and SQAS.