Overview of the business

Imperial Fast ‘n Fresh is the market leader in South Africa for the supply of transport and related services for temperature and/or time sensitive products. Fast ‘n Fresh focuses its growth effort on food logistics. The main offerings are primary and secondary distribution services nationally and cross border. Fast ‘n Fresh operate out of their own transport depots in Gauteng, Limpopo and Cape Town, together with operating from clients sites in Gauteng, KZN, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein and Cape Town.

Service offering

  • Primary and dedicated secondary multi temperature controlled distribution services to the FMCG markets, which may require specific handling and transportation skills. It focuses on realising the benefits of economies of scale by providing an integrated, comprehensive service to customers.
  • Management of approved sub-contractors which include ambient primary and secondary distribution vehicles on a Managed Transport Solution basis. This model is very successful in aligning our business with the changing competitive land
  • Key account management – dedicated key account managers aligned to our client centricity them.

Our solutions

  • End to end transportation management specifically for retail clients. This entails on site team’s based at retailer distribution centres managing the entire primary and secondary distribution functions. Fast ‘n Fresh are seasoned campaigners in FMCG type distribution and critically understand the importance of on time and in full (OTIF).
  • Transportation management on behalf of food manufacturers which entail primary distribution typically: from manufacturers to finished goods warehouses, inter distribution centres or direct to client customers. The solution includes dedicated secondary (last mile) distribution into retail.
  • Planning and route optimisation: this entails offering our secondary distribution clients route planning tools solutions to ensure optimal route planning. This planning solution assists in identifying the correct vehicles numbers, configurations and optimal routes to ensure improved efficiency.

Key strengths

  • In-depth understanding of the FMCG industry and associated supply chain principles
  • Strict adherence to, and management of Service Level Agreements (SLAs), particularly relating to on-time deliveries
  • Extensive national network
  • Flexible fleet offering a wide range of different vehicle sizes.
  • Ability to successfully upscale to handle demanding peak periods
  • Existing knowledge and experience in the temperature controlled primary distribution sector.
  • Access to the broader Imperial Group expertise provides the capacity and capability to deliver a continuously improving service offering
  • Our investment in the latest technology in respect of fridge bodies and fridge units.

Natural capital

  • The gatekeepers of our natural capital are our multinational clients who insist on proper environmental risk management in the supply of our services, as well as regulators, non-profit organisations and civil society.