Service offering

Imperial Managed Solutions builds on a long legacy of organisational learning and growth within the broader Imperial group. As global, regional and local trade dynamics have become more complex, the need has increased for intellectual services dedicated to optimising supply chains. The point of connection between a business requiring goods to be moved and suppliers with the assets that can store and move those goods is where the biggest difference can be made. Managed Solutions is that point of connection.

Our four service pillars – international freight management, warehousing management, transportation management and healthcare logistics – together form an integrated solution for our clients. To date, Managed Solutions has demonstrated capabilities in seven different industries: agriculture; automotive; chemical and energy; consumer packaged goods; healthcare; machinery and equipment; and manufacturing and mining.

Our solutions

  • Developing logistics solutions through structured and well-defined processes. From the moment we engage with potential or new clients, our aim is to establish a partnership.
  • Becoming the client’s logistics partner, with the aim to fully understand and know their business and the markets they serve.
  • Analysing their logistics needs and supply chains.
  • Implement, execute and manage processes through the control tower.

We are proud to serve a portfolio of blue-chip clients in Southern Africa and beyond, and strive to assist all our clients in their journey to becoming more competitive. Our growth into new regions and new industries has been rapid in recent years and continues to take us to new levels.

Geographical footprint

Our burgeoning African footprint is a testament to our strategy of assisting clients in benefiting from the mass consumerisation of Africa – working alongside them in executing their plans to enter into and grow within the regional clusters of the sub-Saharan African market, such as Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria.

We minimise the risk and complexity of doing business in Africa through our unrivalled understanding of the dynamic and ever-expanding demands of the African consumer, as well as a profound comprehension of the continent’s unique challenges.