History of Business

Pharmed Pharmaceuticals, was founded in 1985 in Overport, Durban by a group of healthcare professionals from previously disadvantaged communities.

Pharmed existed as a regional pharmaceutical wholesaler in KZN until the acquisition of Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals in October 2011.

In July 2014, Pharmed became a part of Imperial Health Sciences, a division of the Imperial Logistic Group. Imperial acquired 62% shareholding in Pharmed and 38% belongs to minority shareholders comprising of doctors and pharmacists.

Following the acquisition of Pharmed by Imperial Holdings and its integration within the Health Sciences Division, Pharmed opened a new branch in Western Cape in March 2015.

This milestone has enhanced our footprint within the Western Cape, with Pharmed leveraging existing Imperial infrastructure, capacity and expertise to support our growth and service offering. Our new facility in Parow is a state of the art pharmaceutical Distribution Centre with the capacity to service its vibrant market efficiently and effectively.

The opening of the Western Cape branch is a culmination of our vision to become a fully -fledged wholesaler with a service offering on a national basis that is independent and not aligned to any group or cartel.

In June 2015, Pharmed revealed its new logo, corporate identity and positioning statement “The Independent Choice”. Each element of the new brand and visual identity highlights the strategic focus of our core business.

Core Business

Pharmed is a Pharmaceutical Wholesaler and Distributor of prescription medicine (branded & generic), patent & proprietary, homeopathic, surgical, dental and veterinary products to Independent Pharmacies, Corporate Pharmacies, Private hospitals, Dispensing Doctors and other Allied Healthcare Professionals. Topaz Trading, a division of Pharmed is a unique procurement arm that extend offerings to private hospitals for bulk procurement to enjoy better margins.

Our company focusses on bringing reliable, effective solutions to Independent Healthcare professionals throughout South Africa to the benefit of the end patients.

Our Strategic Objectives include:

  • 1st (First) Choice Wholesaler to Independent Pharmacies
  • 2nd (Second) Choice Wholesaler for Corporates
  • Focus on People Development and Service Orientated
  • Achieve First Choice partner with Manufacturers and brand owners
  • Identify, explore and penetrate new markets, including national and international with a foot print in Africa
  • Pharmed’s transparency and business intelligence to the advantage of our clients.
  • Grow our front shop range by developing a catalogue of product offerings that will enable Independents to acquire the right product mix for their front shops through a one-stop shop efficient supply chain model
  • Achieve a superior return on investment for our shareholders
  • Maintain and improve upon our current high standards with an efficient delivery service
  • Embrace the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment principles

Service Offering

Our business model delivers an effective supply chain with rapid replenishment. Our complete service offering includes:

  • Procurement: Distribution and wholesaling on behalf of more than 360 suppliers. Over 20 000 products are procured from these suppliers by our procurement team based at the head office in Durban. The procurement team ensures and maintain stock levels in response to our customer needs.
  • Warehousing: State of the art pharma-grade ware-housing in Durban 4,300m², Johannesburg 2,200m² and an outsourced distribution centre in Cape Town 2,000m²
  • Sales: Our dynamic, competent call centre agents comprise of 48 agents nationally. Our field sales and customer liaison team comprises of 14 representatives with representation in different regions throughout South Africa.
  • Delivery: We have a reliable, efficient speed to customer and order turn around facility through our own in-house pharmaceutical logistic company.
  • Marketing: Pharmed offers upstream access to market to suppliers by means of various in-house strategies
    • Monthly Pharmamania / Seasonal Catalogue advertising
    • Pharmaceutical expos & CPD events
    • Telesales promotions
    • Weekly email promotion
    • Website promotions
    • CPD online program
    • Online customer surveys
    • Gather market intelligence and share with partners utilizing tools such as rep feedback electronic system
    • Supplier Initiative – Shared representative services
  • Pharmed also offers downstream access to market in assisting Independent pharmacies to drive more feet into their stores.
    • OTC flyers for pharmacies
    • Promotional tools such as product promotional decals and shelf talkers
    • Facilitate medical awareness days for pharmacies
    • Facilitate gondola displays of known value items with suppliers

Key Strengths

  • With Pharmed’s integration within the Imperial Health Sciences Division, we are able to leverage upscale benefits including industry expertise, readily available warehouse capacity, easily obtainable fleet, quality management systems, information systems, and innovative business solutions.
  • Being part of the Imperial Group, we have a level 3 B-BBEE certification and we continue to drive transformation improvement as a strategic business imperative
  • Continuous training and skills development of staff – Imperial Logistics Academy
  • Unique and key skills in fine and bulk distribution
  • Take ownership of the product we carry, as well as carry the debtors book
  • Provide a quick entry to market and ensure stocks are readily available
  • Able to drive volume and increase sales
  • We provide a frequent, reliable delivery service
  • Offer unique marketing strategies to access the market via our annual medical & surgicalcatalogue, supplier initiative – shared representative services, pharmaceutical expos and CPDevents

What makes us different

  • Imperial has 62% shareholding in Pharmed and 38% belongs to minority shareholders comprising of doctors and pharmacists. This 38% of shareholders share our vision and growth strategy and bear testimony to our game plan.
  • Our proven track record, our knowledge, experience and reputation – gained over 30 years of servicing healthcare professionals and our long standing relationships with valued suppliers as our business partners. It ensures peace of mind for new and existing customers and suppliers. This sets us apart from our competitors.
  • We are Champions in Independent Practitioners & Pharmacy Market
  • Our Business does not compete with customers, both upstream and downstream
  • Ideal choice for corporate pharmacies
  • Preferred supplier to private hospital groups
  • Preferred supplier to large buying groups including both retail and hospital sector
  • Preferred supplier to Unjani Clinic
  • Topaz Trading is a unique Procurement Arm that extend offerings to private hospital pharmacies for bulk procurement to enjoy better margins

Key Customers – Nationally

  • Independent Pharmacies & Practitioners
  • Corporates
  • Private Hospitals
  • Clinics


  • Reliability: Our stakeholders can rely on our expertise, commitment and determination to fulfil our promises – internally and externally
  • Agility: We are quick to act when called upon, understanding that we operate in a market where decisiveness and action are key
  • People: We take a personal interest in people – our customers, staff and suppliers – understanding their challenges and goals, and commit ourselves to mutual success and benefit

Geographical Representation

Pharmed has a distribution centre in Parow, Cape Town and warehousing facilities in Amalgam, Johannesburg and River Horse Valley, Durban being head office.